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Guerilla fashion

Published on 23 March 2013 by in Fashion

Can you think of a person that gets you down to your throat? A person which irritates you so much, even the thought of it makes your blood boil? What is the feature that put’s them above you? Are they stronger, richer, smarter, or in any way better than you? No. Such a person is aggressively rude. And it works! It always has and it almost always will. It works because most of us cannot ignore an explicit offence. Deep inside, we just need to answer. Either politely, rudely, aggressively or assertively we answer. Stuffing your feelings and ignoring the offence and playing cool it’s even worse, because our unspoken anger will just feed the goose’s power!

Why am I talking about rudeness on a fashion blog?

Because sometimes my eyes even hurt at some runway fashion shows. The designs are so agressive and ugly, you just cannot get them out of your head. You cannot stop thinking about them. You can forget style and sometimes you can even forget pure art, but aggresive ugliness is unforgetable! The weirdest fashion show creates more buzz than a pure art haute couture show! Is so damn ugly it clouds your brain. Any guerilla fashion show is like an annoying clown that plays all his jokes on your back.

So, what can we do about it?

Laugh. Ignore the goose’s “ga ga”.

Be a lady!

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