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Expensive wedding?

Every thing worthwhile is expensive! You will remember it forever! You deserve it!

What other things are you telling to yourself to motivate the huge price of your wedding? You might not even think about the costs if other people are paying your bill. You are the bride you shouldn’t not care about such little things… After all, this is your perfect momement. And you’re not going to consider pecuniary reasons to make it less perfect…

Perfect wedding

And some wedding dresses marketers would have you even joke about how cheap a wedding really is in comparison with a divorce! Yeak… ugly word to think about before the wedding! Divorce is as an ugly word as money can be. Right?

The truth of the matter is that one can predict a lot about how succesfull your marriage is going to be based on the wedding preparations.

Are you two going to pay for your wedding dress, or are you still tutored by your parents? If your parents are paying for your wedding dress who is going to buy your clothes as a married couple? And if you marry this rich guy, and he’s the one paying for the whole event, are you sure that you aren’t on his inventory list of aquisitions?

A wedding preparation supposed to be a team work, even when it comes to costs… So if you are pretty casual people and you expect a highly expensive engagement ring or a bridal gown from the lastest designer collection… all I can say to you (and all that your man may actually think…) is:

Grow the f..k up!

A silver engagement ring can be as beautiful as any other, and if maybe you have seen the movie “The Count of Monte Cristo” you have understood by now thatĀ even a twine ring would do if you really love the guy. So should your wedding be expensive? Before you answer, think!

There is such a thing as after the wedding life…

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