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Published on 7 December 2012 by in Fashion

I write this blog and I’m quit amazed by the stupid comments most guest are posting. I get that you are trying to do some linkbuilding, but still… WTF are you thinking?

Do you think that guest posts like: “wow, you’ve saved my life with this post” or, “I’ve been looking my whole life for an article like this” is going to count? C’omon people, be and act smarter than that! I have enough of this BS and I won’t allow this no more.

If you have something to say FOR REAL as an answer to my posts please say it. If not, just don’t. I don’t need your pampering. I don’t ask for your assessment. Just read my blog if you wan’t to and just click on the small red X button on the top right corner if you don’t. I don’t care about you liking my blog or not. But if you do like what I write, please make meaningful guest comments. Or not… and I’ll just put a big spam label on your forehead.Guest blogging

Enough with the BS!

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