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Published on 12 April 2013 by in Fashion

I’ve just found out about a Shontelle-like “impossible” breakup and up to a point it shaked my mind. And when I saw the woman he left his wife for, I was even more amazed. WTF is wrong with guys that leave beautiful, succesful, smart wifes for less beautiful, less smart and less succesfull mistresses? Shouldn’t you at least upgrade?


We waste time overfunctioning in the family, smiling when we don’t feel like smiling, assorting scarfs with bags’ color or hours shopping for the perfect dress to impress …who? What’s the point? Are any of these really important? This guy threw his marriage in the garbage can because he wasn’t “happy”! Is any of the many things we do as women make us happy for real?

Do we even think about how much we like a dress or only buy it because is trendy or it makes our bodies attractive? Do we feel good in our clothes or we must “suffer for beauty”, accept the discomfort “to be liked”? Well …most of us would answer “no” to all of these questions, but we don’t simply because we fear other women. And fear makes some of us overfunction even more, think of others, give to others, forget about what makes us happy even more. We lower our degrees of dificulty up to a point any dress or any forced smile we would wear has no value. We become easy, aparently worthless. Thus bored guys looking for thrills leave and mow any available woman. Even though they would have been of low value, when we put ourselves down, any other women appear to be better!

But weakness and self downgrade is really only temporary. And only guys that have never really been there go. Focusing on what makes us happy again, giving to us, dressing to satisfy our likings will make us more attractive than any “shoulder to cry on” woman. We are more beautiful, smarter and more succesfull than these bitches.

The only mistake we all should stop doing, is to upgrades them with our fear.

And remembering that our men have chosen us because they love us and not because they had no alternative, should stop worthy women reacting of fear. We are a choice not a lack of choices. So let’s keep our own standards high!

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Guerilla fashion

Published on 23 March 2013 by in Fashion

Can you think of a person that gets you down to your throat? A person which irritates you so much, even the thought of it makes your blood boil? What is the feature that put’s them above you? Are they stronger, richer, smarter, or in any way better than you? No. Such a person is aggressively rude. And it works! It always has and it almost always will. It works because most of us cannot ignore an explicit offence. Deep inside, we just need to answer. Either politely, rudely, aggressively or assertively we answer. Stuffing your feelings and ignoring the offence and playing cool it’s even worse, because our unspoken anger will just feed the goose’s power!

Why am I talking about rudeness on a fashion blog?

Because sometimes my eyes even hurt at some runway fashion shows. The designs are so agressive and ugly, you just cannot get them out of your head. You cannot stop thinking about them. You can forget style and sometimes you can even forget pure art, but aggresive ugliness is unforgetable! The weirdest fashion show creates more buzz than a pure art haute couture show! Is so damn ugly it clouds your brain. Any guerilla fashion show is like an annoying clown that plays all his jokes on your back.

So, what can we do about it?

Laugh. Ignore the goose’s “ga ga”.

Be a lady!

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Spring forward!

Published on 13 March 2013 by in Dresses

Little girls play with dolls. I use to play with airplanes. I was fascinated by gluing together airplanes pieces! They were my favorite toy as a child.

Little girls dress with beautiful dresses that make them look like genuine princesses. I use to wear nothing but pants. I was pretty annoyed by my mother to wear dresses and skirts at wedding parties or at school. I did it to please her, not to please me. I could not run as fast, I could not play as intense, I could not relax  in a dress. When wearing a dress I had to sit with care and I had to walk a certain way so that the wind doesn’t raise my skirt over my head. I was completely displeased with skirts and dresses as a child.

spring fashion

Now I’m a woman. I like skirts and I love dresses. They make me feel beautiful. I buy elegant dresses and skirts and I wear them whenever I have the chance. I offer little dresses as gifts to the girls of my friends, but they also rarely wear them. Now I think it’s a pity they don’t because they are so cute when they are elegant!

Now I’m a mother. I look at little girls wearing little dresses and they look like princesses. Looking back asking if I would have wear more dresses as a child with the mind I have now, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have. Maybe I would have spring forward and ask my mother to buy me more princess dresses. To maybe wear them at home when playing dress up games. But at play, pants were at power!

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